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The role of video game programming is critical to the success of any video game project. Without skilled and experienced programmers, a video game cannot be created or brought to market. Video games are complex software systems that require skilled programmers to create and implement - A video game engine alone can consist of thousands of lines of code, and the gameplay mechanics and user interfaces can add even more complexity.

The positions that we cover are:

Gameplay Programmer - responsible for writing code that implements the game mechanics, physics, and other systems that govern the gameplay.
AI Programmer - responsible for developing and implementing the artificial intelligence (AI) systems that control non-player characters (NPCs) and other game entities.
Graphics Programmer - responsible for optimizing and implementing the game's graphics, including rendering, lighting, and special effects.
Engine Programmer - responsible for developing and maintaining the game engine, which provides the core functionality and tools for game development.
Network Programmer - responsible for implementing the network code that allows multiplayer games to function properly.
Tool Programmer - responsible for developing the tools and editors used by the development team to create content and manage game assets.
Audio Programmer - responsible for implementing the audio systems that provide sound effects and music in the game.