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Video game animation is a complex and important aspect of game development, requiring a skilled team of animators and designers to create a believable and engaging game experience. Effective video game animation helps to create a sense of immersion and emotional connection with the game world, and can be a critical factor in the success of a video game.

The positions that we cover are:

Animator - responsible for bringing characters, objects, and environments to life through movement and expression.
Concept Artist - responsible for creating visual concepts and designs for characters, environments, and objects.
Art Director - responsible for overseeing the artistic direction of the game and ensuring that it meets the desired aesthetic and technical standards.
Technical Artist - responsible for ensuring that the game's graphics and animation run smoothly and efficiently.
Rigging Artist - responsible for creating the skeletal structure of characters and objects, which allows them to move and interact with the environment.
Motion Capture Specialist - responsible for capturing real-world movements and translating them into digital animation.
VFX Artist - responsible for creating special effects, such as explosions, smoke, and particle effects, that enhance the game's visual appeal.